X-Skills academy

Join the X-Skills academy for small-group training in the X-Skills way! Sign up for one of our locations: Haarlem (Football), Nieuw-Vennep (Football),


Program details:

Train technical, physical, and cognitive skills with innovative technology

Sessions available in June and July

Package options:

1:1 Sessions: 6 sessions (60 min each) including of a X-Skills T-shirt.


1:2 Duo sessions: 6 sessions (60 min each), including of a X-Skills T-shirt.

€210 each*

Small group sessions (3-5 players): 6 sessions (60 minutes each), including a X-Skills T-shirt.

€150 each*

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

What is the Beam?

The Beam is a cutting-edge training and testing tool for hockey and football players. Using an interactive light system and the mobile application with pre-programmed exercises, the Beam captures and tracks data related to hockey and football-specific skills.

For what can the Beam be used?

The Beam can be used to train the speed of technique, information processing, and scanning among other skills. Whether you’re looking to train alone, with a team, or at home, the Beam has you covered. The mobile application will consist of individual tests, battle exercises, and team training sessions.

How does the Beam work? / How do I set up the Beam?

Attach your Beam(s) to your own rebound board(s). You can start your training with just one Beam. In order access different games, multiple Beams can be connected to one mobile phone with our application running. The Beam is dependent on the mobile application and will not be able to run without it. Depending on the subscription that you have selected, you will have access to various games and light sequences. The different subscriptions, including the FREE subscription, can be found on our application page.

How and to what objects can I attach the Beam?

The Beam is designed to attach to various rebound boards of different shapes and sizes. The mounting plate can be screwed on to the rebound board for permanent mounting or can be mounted by using a tape. For the specific dimensions of the mount plate and Beam, see our tech-spec page.

If the mount plate is permanently attached then the Beam may be removed for easy charging, so dismantling the entire product is not necessary. 

What to do if I do not have a rebound board?

Currently, there are a lot of different kinds of rebound boards on the market. From simple cheap ones to more expensive higher quality ones. Depending on your budget, select one which fits your needs. Or if you already have rebound boards, you can use those, of course. 

What is the price of the Beam?

The normal price of the Beam is €150 per Beam but, during our pre-launch sale, it is available for €99. Please note that the price is exclusive of delivery costs, which will vary depending on your location and country. 

The application can be downloaded for free, with the basic functionalities included. For the more advanced functions there is an appropriate subscription fee. 

For more information on the application pricing, see our application page.

What are the differences between the basic (free), plus and advanced versions of the app for both players and trainers? Are all features available immediately?

The basic (FREE) version of the app is the same for both players and trainers and includes three basic “plays” (light sequence with which you can create your own training). For these plays, time will be tracked and shown. 

The plus version, also the same for both players and trainers, includes pre-programmed games where data is tracked and shown after training with feedback. This data will not be saved.

The advanced version of the app for players includes levels where data will be saved, progression will be tracked, and training sessions will be individualized. The advanced version of the app for trainers allows them to track data of players and save it to the players’ profiles. Players can access their own data and train by themselves, while the trainer can also access the data for insight. 

It is important to note that the app is still under development, and the features will be made available is parts over time, so not all features may be available immediately.

For more information see our application page.

Is the X-SKILLS Beam compatible with all types of smartphones

The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

What sports can the X-SKILLS Beam be used for?

The X-SKILLS begins its focus on developing an app for research into hockey and football. Of course, the beam can also be used for other sports and organisations (school, physiotherapy) what we aim to develop further in the future.

Can the X-SKILLS Beam be used by beginners?

Yes, the X-SKILLS Beam is designed to be used by players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The system provides personalized training programs based on your skill level and progress, so you can improve at your own pace.

Is the X-SKILLS Beam suitable for team training?

Yes, the X-SKILLS Beam is suitable for team training. The system can be used by multiple players at once and provides real-time feedback and performance tracking for each player. It is also possible to play games with or against each other (battles).

How do I order the X-SKILLS Beam?

The X-skills beam is currently available on pre-order via our website. Simply visit the product page and follow the instructions to place your order.

How do I contact X-SKILLS

You email us at info@x-skills.com or fill in our contact form.