The X-Skills Beam is the new interactive light system to upgrade your training to the next level. Train the essentials, track your performance and unlock the pro within!

App with 100+ bal-exercises

Quantifiable with the Beam

Get feedback on your performance

Gamification and rewarding

The Beam

A boy girl is holding up with a soccer ball outside on a lawn
A girl stands outside on an artificial turf field in a goal and throws a ball up
A young man on a lawn looks straight at you while standing outside
a girl is standing in an active position on an artificial grass field outside ready to hit the hockey ball
Outside is a man wearing an X-skills shirt and you see the X-skills logo
a man is standing outside laughing, flapping his shirt in the sun

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A girl's hand places the x-skills beam on a sports bar outside


A young girl looks at her phone while resting her right leg on a soccer ball


You see a phone with the X-Skills app on it. And a girl is holding it in her hand outside


two boys are training outside with a soccer ball on a soccer field


A lady is sitting inside behind two computer screens with all sorts of sports information on them


Football    Hockey    Way more

Football    Hockey    Way more