Upgrade your training with technology and data.

Click to turn the Beam on and off

Universal fit.

The X-Skills Beam effortlessly attaches to different rebound boards. With the supplied mount, you can easily attach and detach the beam, offering a convenient and versatile mounting solution.

Connect the beam to the app.

The Beam is connected to an mobile app were you can select your training exercise, track your stats and monitor your progression.

For every kind of player.

The Beam is designed to make training sessions challenging and fun for every type of player: young, old, amateur, and professional.

Speed of Action

Quick execution of passing, receiving, turning, and ball handling in predictable situations.


Swift execution of actions like passing, receiving, turning, and ball handling in unpredictable situations.

Information Processing

Rapid perception, processing, and response to external information in the game.


360-degree awareness and observation skills for the entire playing field.

Football    Hockey    Way more

Football    Hockey    Way more